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Do you miss the time when your restaurant was packed with people enjoying their food? Or have you been dreaming of running a popular restaurant?
Let btwn bring you what you’ve wanted to experience.



Since the past year, there has been a significant increase in violent and discriminatory behaviors against Asian Americans/ immigrants around the country.

At the same time, we've seen a deep decline in the number of people visiting Chinatown in NYC. The economic damage in Chinatown and Asian American restaurants have been severe, with the worries of the novel coronavirus turning into xenophobic fears, causing a drop in reservations and pedestrian traffic. Although public health restrictions have been slowly loosening up and more stores are reopening their indoor/outdoor facilities, Chinatown and many metropolitan restaurants owned by Chinese and Asian immigrants fear that they may never return to what it used to be before the pandemic.This is some text inside of a div block.
Now, as the city is reopening at full capacity, support from the New York community is needed more than ever. Join us in speaking up and working together to support our AAPI businesses to welcome in our customers with open arms.

We’ve Got Your Back

btwn is a Customer Referral Marketing app focused on making Word of Mouth Referrals. We're not like other typical affiliate marketing programs! Once you sign up, btwn will help to promote your business.

Features / Benefits


No Fee of Any Kind

How btwn works is when your customer refers a friend to your store and then the friend makes a purchase, you will reward the customer 10% of new sales in cash. Not only our program is free to join, btwn will also pay all referral fees to your customers for 3 months on your behalf as a special offer during this campaign. No fees! No commitment! Pause the program anytime.

Free Curated Social Media Content

We know that managing social media everyday is a lot of work. In addition to covering three months of referral fees, btwn will also personally promote your business on all our social media platforms organically and through paid campaigns. This means uploading your business’s photos, promotions on our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. You will also receive personalized photoshoots, sweet behind-the-scenes reels, professional videos created by our Creative Team.

Access to btwn Dashboard

You can check how many new customers you have gained through btwn on our dashboard. Analyze your ROI on live! Engage more with your loyal customers through our coupon feature, survey system and customer reviews.

Merchant Kit

A merchant kit will include a guide to btwn, QR code, social media assets and even custom branded templates all in one place. Primarily, you only have to change and edit texts when posting a social media update.
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We're actively looking to add vendors like yours to join our campaign. We believe this campaign will spark conversations with your existing customers and bring in new customers from these new interactions. Support your fellow Asian restaurants and join the force!
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